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I'm so excited to see you here!  Thank you for your trust!

Finding the best parts of yourself isn't an easy journey (I know because I'm still finding mine) But, you're here so I KNOW you're someone who's ready to take action. That makes me SMILE SO BIG!

Okay, below you'll find all the ways we can work together to help you re-discover and shine your brilliance!

Pick the one(s) that works best for your lifestyle & budget.

Let's work toward a life full of intention and purpose! You're worth it! 

Let's do this!

**This page is always evolving, so check back often to see what's new.**

Facebook Group - FREE

Join us in the Facebook Group | Sedruola Maruska

Join the "Say What You Want, Live How You Want" Facebook group! You'll enjoy spending time with women, just like you, embracing themselves fully, digging deep and finding their brilliance!

We're living every day with intention so we reach our goals and enjoy more freedom in our lives!

Yes, it's actually possible! We're also offering support and inspiration as we all go through various challenges. Come be part of community focused on personal development & growth.


Creating Your "Fresh Start" - $27 - Self-Directed Coaching

Creating Your Fresh Start | Sedruola Maruska

Feeling stagnant is normal. Staying stagnant's a choice. This package offers tips & actionable ideas to creating a fresh start no matter where you are now. You'll learn:

  • How to go from Bored to Brilliant
  • How to better manage your finances
  • Why style matters


Luminous I | Sedruola Maruska on Patreon

Luminous I Coaching - $25 per month

You're ready to start on your personal development journey, but you're apprehensive. I get it! But how will you know if it'll work for you if you don't try it?

Here's your chance to "try coaching on for size". It's invest as you go so you can stop at any time!

CLICK HERE for more information

Luminous II Coaching | Sedruola Maruska on Patreon

Luminous II Coaching - $55 per month

You've tried life coaching and it's helpful. Great! This level gives you more one-on-one time, exclusive access, and other tips, tools, and exercises to dig deeper.

Focus on specific areas of personal development with a higher level of support.

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Luminous III Coaching | Sedruola Maruska on Patreon

Luminous III Coaching - $100 per month

When you're ready to catapult to greatness, this level's for you. With unlimited access via text, email, phone about your coaching progress, you'll grow quickly.

This level also gives you exclusive first looks, input on new programs and exclusive newsletter.

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"How to Discover Your Brilliance"
eBook & Workbook

You're brilliant! Not smart brilliant. Glittering, sparkly, striking, luminous brilliant! But that brilliance is dulled, dimmed, lackluster and sadly imperceptible. Re-discover your brilliance. Change your life. Change your world.


"Better Sleep, Better Health in 90 Days"

Sleep is the key to maintaining your memory, boosting your immunity and living a more productive and healthy lifestyle! You've got a lot to do, this book is for you.

"Get all the rest you need, your body's working hard to heal."


"Say What You Want, Live How You Want"

Who you are is valuable. When your voice isn't heard or your ideas not shared, you do us all a disservice.

Learn to find your voice. Understands what moves you and makes you, you. That way you can say what you want and live the life you dream.