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Hey, I'm so excited you're here! Creating a business that projects equity & inclusion takes gumption and you've just shown some so *high five*!

Finding the parts of yourself that go against the grain isn't an easy journey (I know because I'm still finding mine) But, you're here so I KNOW you're someone who's ready to take action. That tickles me all over!

From the options below, pick the one(s) that works best for you and your business.

Let's do this!

**This page is always evolving, so check back often to see what's new.**

Discovery Den Cohort Group Coaching

As an individual, navigating the waters of social justice may seem daunting, at best. The more you learn the more you want to do, but the more frustrated and paralyzed you feel. It's normal and it's not permanent.

In the Discovery Den we're going to find your hidden strengths and potential. Then we're going to tap into your passion and figure out exactly where you can begin to channel your efforts for the biggest impact. Like a laser. We may find that what you're doing in your immediate circle is best, or we may discover that you've got a whole industry you can affect! Let's go!

We often don't take into consideration that as individuals we make up the businesses, companies and industries we're a part of. Which makes your individual effort so important!

During your stay in the Discovery Den you'll find out if you're working in your zone of real impact. You'll uncover the skills and talents you have to make your business more profitable, or your workplace more equitable and more in line with your personal values.

Your cohort will work together to support, cheer, encourage and exchange ideas and contacts so we can create and work our plans of action to affect laser focused change in the world.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Discovery Den and how you can benefit most!

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant | Sedruola Maruska

Equity | Inclusion | Diversity Consultant

As an Entrepreneur, Small or Medium Sized business owner, You don't have the budget to maintain a full time equity, Inclusion & diversity director or manager. That's where I come in!

I'm an Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant who's main focus is helping you create a culture of equity and inclusion that prepares the way for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

How do I work? Well, I review your policies and procedures. I get to know your team through personal one-on-one conversations. Then, once the assessing phase is complete I'm able to deliver customized recommendations to help you achieve a more equitable, inclusive, enjoyable and relatable business.

My solutions vary from immediate small steps that can be implemented right away for big impact, to more involved recommendations that require in-depth review and a melding with company benchmarks and initiatives. The solutions offered are on par with total transformation of an organization.

I don't believe in performative action but real change, therefore, the solutions I offer vary based on the size of an organization. Cultivating a culture of change takes bravery, and time.

To learn more CLICK HERE or, you can set up your complimentary Consulting Discovery Call - CLICK HERE Let's explore how we can create an equitable and inclusive company you can be proud to serve.

Facebook Business Page - FREE

Hey, come over to my Facebook Group and start getting to know me better. We're learn about Black history, American history, Equity and Inclusion.

Feel free to comment, like and share on what you find there because it's key to understanding and growing in your learning. Other people, just like you, working to be better allies, antiracists and working toward social justice are hanging out there with me.

We're living every day with intention!

Yes, it's actually possible! Come be part of a community focused on growth & understanding of Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice and how those things foster Diversity.


Diversity Dish Podcast - FREE

The Diversity Dish is an award winning podcast all about sharing and chatting about personal stories, challenges and solutions related to equity, inclusion, social justice and diversity. We're sparking needed conversations to help create a better world.

My guests are people from all walks of life and of all shades. They come with their personal and professional insights into how to create a better world one solution at a time. Some topics we've covered are Immigration, Black Artist Discrimination, Performative Allyship and more.

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