Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (00:19:54):

Right? Like I’m just being black. Like Marco said, like, because I exist, right? Like, because we exist in the world, there are so many different layers to that. And it’s a very specific type of oppression, a specific type of intersectional oppression that hits black women, right? To the point of the like I’m a black woman, not a woman of color. Like all of our experiences are not the same. You’re in solidarity. I get it. We have different experiences. Right. But black women have a very unique, very specific place in oppression that like needs to be called out, needs to be recognized. As long as, you know, folks are comfortable thanking us, you know, why don’t we call out the real specific oppression that affects black women girls. And it starts when we’re young black girls, right. Are four times more likely to be arrested in school than their white peers. Five times more likely to be suspended in school than their white peers. Like we talk about school discipline. Like it is a black girl issue. We love to do girls of color. Yes. It affects native communities affects Latino communities. Right. But like, it is a real specific situation with girls when we keep seeing the news and folks are getting pepper sprayed and put in the back of cop cars. Right. Like that is specific.

Speaker 1 (00:21:23):

Yes. Yes. Who would ever go to a school and handcuff a white girl, six year old, white girl who would ever do that. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (00:21:34):

We are just seen in such a different way from the time we were born and you know, it is time to reclaim that power and you’re going to own that. We deal with a very specific oppression that white folks try to put in our DNA everyday microaggressions. Right. Which are real aggressions, you know, which I talked about like being on a zoom meeting with colleagues, you know, in that article and literally picking me apart as if I was

Speaker 1 (00:22:06):

Like, you’re in invisible. Right. Until, until, until what, but until right. Yeah.

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