Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 1 (00:16:39):

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I saw you wrote about, because I read all of your articles, I read them all. Cause I was like, Ooh. Yeah, look at that one. I titled. Yeah. So, you know, so we’re going to kind of, let’s kind of go through these, right. You mentioned the Apple watch, which is very, you know, which is very significant in terms of, I did have a question in one of my groups on Facebook as well. And someone was like, does it really matter to you? If they take aunt Jemima off the box, wouldn’t it be better if they actually put their money into some government things and change that? I said, yes, both are important. I said, absolutely. We need money to go into changing the whole cultures of huge companies and into lobbying the government. But I said, the imagery that we see every single day informs us as well. And so that’s okay. So when you, when you sent me your article and I read it, I was like, yup, that’s true. Send me one. But,

Speaker 3 (00:17:53):

And it’s the level of, you know, I like to say like the being able to live in the white cloud, right? Like for white privilege and for white folks, you can pretend that everything is kumbaya and you know, that we’re going to be equal now because Joe Biden is president and we have the first woman of color vice president and you know, and it’s okay for you to then, you know, make all these kind of casual comments to me about the Apple watch. Right. When I’m like, well, that’s easier for you to do then actually think about risking some of your privilege to actually help black folks right now. And that was the first fruition. Right. And it is time for us to call out that as well, even in our social circles, professional circles, right. The folks that we like to give a pass because, you know, man, they did vote for Joe Biden, you know, and we want to give, you know, sometimes those are the work horse spokes. Right. And like,

Speaker 1 (00:18:49):

Right. We don’t want to alienate anybody. We’re thinking we gotta, we gotta horde our quote unquote allies. Right. We gotta, we gotta hoard them. So we don’t want to lose them. So we got to now conform to what they might want.

Speaker 3 (00:19:01):

That’s right. Listen. And I’m past the ally conversation. I need disruption. So like when we get to disruption, we can have a conversation. You know, your allyship allows you to say, I voted for Joe Biden, but girl, what’s going on with your hair? Or what’s that shirt say? Or, you know, Oh, you said your mom is like getting the vaccine. Huh? That’s interesting. She’s on the wait list. I drove to Baltimore city to have the line, to get the vaccine. And I live in X amount, wealthy County in Maryland. Right. Like that, to me, like those conversations, right? Like it’s real. And we’re just going to demand better of even the folks who are in our circles right now. And we got to get to a better place or you can understand like why your jokes not funny. Right. Cause you know, I’m too busy just being in black.

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