Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (00:13:21):

So look, representative Ayanna Presley policy is our love language, right? Like, let’s do that. Let’s move those kinds of conversations into reality and change. And you know, lots of conversation around systemic racism. You know, we had the quote reckoning right last year, which is still growing and the responses are Apple creating a watch. That’s like a Pan-African flag. We weren’t going to get to that, but I’m here for it. Like I’m not, I’m not waiting for Apple to save me. Like, you know, and like those kinds of conversations. And we say systemic, we literally mean the systems are designed to kill us before we have a chance to succeed. Yes, it is all of the pieces. It is why the power plant next to the black neighborhoods. Why the corner store doesn’t have any fresh local food. Yes. If the healthcare system,

Speaker 1 (00:14:17):

It’s the way the pipeline works, it’s like, you know, it’s like a train, you know, it stops at this area and a bunch of people get out. And the last station where nobody really wants, that’s where the last of the drags end up. Right. That tends to be those places that they corralled black people and marginalized people too. Right. Those are the places where they said you can live here. And, and I was just talking about that. I was like, you can live here, but, and the water that comes from, you know, the, the, the reservoir or that comes for the city, that’s the last stop for the pipes might not be as great for that part because we put in all the money over here into this part, it’s all related. And I tell people all the time, I’m like, it’s the system, the way things have been set up that needs to be shaken up. We, we have to, we have to have more bravery.

Speaker 3 (00:15:23):

Absolutely. I mean, it’s the system, right. And it’s white violence. We saw the insurrections at the Capitol. Right. And you know, I’m like, well, we saw this before in 1921 in Tulsa, like, this is the same way. This is what happens. Like we are always sort of like cleaning up the white violence, you know, literally the photos. Right. Um, and Brown folks cleaning up crazy insurrectionists like that is, you know, and, and look, we have black wall street, right? Like nobody can stop us. Look today at, you know, Tulsa. And you look at the legacy of school, segregation of policing, of the wealth gap and income like destroyed right now. Like no longer even part of the conversation. And we need to be able to rebuild that, close the wealth gap, and we’ve got to own our own stuff. It’s black prosperity. Right. And like, and we got to stop apologizing to white folks and having white folks be able to dictate what we do, how we do it, all that kind of stuff. We got to get to a place where we are really black owned.

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