Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (01:09:13):

We have talked about everything. I mean, this is my, this is my whole space. Like, I feel like this is like the, you know, the group text chat every day, you know? I mean, I think my main thing is just understand what freedom means to you and give yourself permission to go do that thing and to be in that thing and to live authentically, right. And to laugh authentically and to really just make sort of whatever is the thing that makes you get up every day, right. To lean into that, into that and give yourself permission to leave the party when it ain’t feeling. Right. You know, and that’s the main thing. And anytime we do that, we are going to make space for more folks to come and feel that they can do the same. Right. In whatever way it is. And you know, I think we just got to get to a place where we are beginning to like, not necessarily think about all the first, like they’re lovely, but now we have to normalize me. Right. We have to normalize many first. Yes. Then that’s where the journey is. Like, that’s where I think we got to move. It builds. We got to get to that place. And we just got to, you know, show up and show out

Speaker 1 (01:10:34):

No up and show out. Yes,

Speaker 3 (01:10:39):

This is what we gotta do

Speaker 1 (01:10:42):

A little bit about what you do, what your unapologetic communications does, please.

Speaker 3 (01:10:48):

Sure. So I am a communicator in my profession and have done. So I was in the Obama administration. You know, one of my bosses is Incredibles. Uh, John King, who was his education secretary. What I’m trying to do now is apply all those skills that I have learned over 15 years and the game, you know, to make space for black women and of color who want to lean into their authentic voices and to help them channel that. And so whether it is talking points, speeches, whether you were in healthcare or, you know, sports or entertainment or whatever that is, right. Just helping us get to a place where we can really fully, you know, lean into who we are and do it publicly. Right. And so I’m sort of here to be like the hype woman, right. To help you get to that place, right. With whatever it is that you’re doing, to be able to do that and to be successful in it. And so applying all the tools that I’ve learned, you know, to something I’m now passionate about being able to create that larger movement. So I’m just honored that I, you know, have an opportunity to do this and you know, hopefully this is the thing I’ll be able to get up and do every day at some point. So, you know, I’m, I’m working toward it. And I just wanna give us all permission to like, be who we are every day unapologetically. And that’s the mission.

Speaker 1 (01:12:16):

Love it, love it. How can people find you? I will put all your information if you send it to me in the, in the notes, but please we find you.

Speaker 3 (01:12:27):

Yeah. So the site is unapologetic, comms.com. It was kind of cute. So I was like, [inaudible], I’m on Twitter. It’s at Takirra WD. You can find the company at, at unapologetic calm one in. Okay.

Speaker 1 (01:12:45):

Okay. Fantastic. Oh my goodness. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I’ve had with you.

Speaker 3 (01:12:52):

This made my whole day. I feel so energized. You build movement.

Speaker 1 (01:13:01):

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. But you know what? The last question that I love to ask all my guests is what is your favorite dish? Cause we’re dishing, but what is your favorite dish?

Speaker 3 (01:13:14):

I have so many. Okay. So at the moment, at the moment my husband makes the best chili and he just made, he just made this like rendition with chicken and is like a little like salsa and like a little stew and a little, it’s like a little bit of everything, right. It’s like kind of gumbo and it’s like symbolic, right? Cause I’m like, we’re all of these things. And so he puts love into it and put a lot of, you know, a lot of love and a lot of care into it. And it just is this great dish that I love all the time, anytime he does it. And you know, it’s just my favorite thing right now. I love it. It sounds delicious. Was great. And I look, if I had the recipe, it’s all in his head. So I’m like,

Speaker 1 (01:14:14):

Yes. Oh my goodness. That sounds amazing. Well, wonderful. Thank you again so much for being here. I really appreciate you being here. Of course, of course. Anytime.

Speaker 2 (01:14:28):

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