Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (00:50:44):

I, my, you know, thoughts around all that is like, you know, we had, we lost Malcolm, we lost Martin, we lost bread. We lost. Right. And then we, and then we lost Brianna and then we lost Georgia, Florida. And then we lost Ahmad. Like, and then, and then we’re losing everybody because the modern day assassination is the systemic injustice and justice assistant and intentionally killing us slowly, but it’s still killing us. Right. So like that, to me, it just hits so deeply. Right. When I was watching the movie, because I was like all of our incredible black leaders who were taken away from us. Right. And we are still losing folks. Right. And, and just the Brianna thing, like got me so much, like it was what spurred me to go back in the streets and protest. I’ve been teargassed. I been like told, you know, you got to get a rep, all kinds of crap, all kinds of ridiculousness was in Baltimore was told, um, why are you here? Because they’re just going to kill you anyway, by a white man who joined the protest. So like, you know, so it’s real. And it’s just like, Brianna, like, it could have been me. It could have been, you, it could have been like, she just, she was like in her bed sleeping, like it just each just like so deep. Right. Because she was an E it’s like saving other people’s lives in the country,

Speaker 1 (00:52:10):

Killed her. Yes. That’s the irony. Right? That’s the irony right there.

Speaker 3 (00:52:16):

The story of black women’s lives, right? Like that’s the story of our lives from the time we are born until we go away from here. And it most likely ain’t on our own terms.

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Speaker 3 (00:52:31):

Like that is, that is the thing. And it just got me so much and I’m like, this, this just could have been it. And you know, folks were saying all kinds of craziness about her boyfriend and all kinds of right. And I’m like, no, no, no. This is specifically about what happened to her.

Speaker 1 (00:52:46):

Yes. It, you know, people always try to, to go, well, this happened and this happened, she was sleeping. Yeah. This happened in this. She was asleep. And then they decided to,

Speaker 3 (00:52:57):

The building was worth more than her life. The building, right. This is a story of black women’s lives till, till the end.

Speaker 1 (00:53:07):

Yeah. You know, and there’s some things that you just cannot argue. You just cannot argue them. If people just choose not to see it. Right. And that is one of them. I will not argue with you from here to tomorrow about why it is wrong. That she in her bed while asleep and the person who did it, got nothing for it did got that, you know? And then you wonder, you know, and then you want to know why we’re mad. Why are you so emotional about this? I mean, come on, let’s just talk, no talking about that. Right. It’s the same as you want to always vilify the victim when they die. Right. Well, he was such and such. Yeah. But police aren’t supposed to kill people, but he was, no, police are not supposed to kill people. Right. Okay. They are, they are making themselves, the judge, the jury and the executioner. That is not their place. Yes. Okay. I agree with you, but you know, no buts leave, but at the door,

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