Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (00:40:12):

No, you don’t. I go have a nice life. Like you don’t. I don’t, you’re not even, I’m not even it’s too much. Yeah. I mean, look, this whole thing around the election, right after the presidential election where people were like, you got to talk to the other side, you got to talk to the other side, you got to bring the other side. And I’m like, here’s the difference? Right? Like the folks on the other side are trying to kill me. I don’t really have an interest in that conversation. And like, I’m sorry, like I’m out on that conversation. The 70 plus million or whatever. Right. They voted for Trump that, you know, racism, wasn’t a deal breaker. And to me, that’s still a problem. Even if it wasn’t a deal where like, you don’t have to be racist. Right. But if it wasn’t a deal breaker, I still got a problem with, you have a problem with that.

Speaker 3 (00:40:59):

And I’m not, I’m not building bridges to nowhere. Right. Like I wrote that, like I’m not building a bridge to nowhere. Right. And so I, you know, all our lives were taught about the other side. We gotta, you know, be, you know, reach across the aisle, whatever it is, we gotta, you know, try to talk to folks, bring folks in. And my thing is about where’s your intention, if you are well-intentioned and you really are trying to be cognizant and trying to do better. Right. I will have a conversation with you all day. Right. But if you want to have a conversation because you’re curious, or you want to just everything

Speaker 1 (00:41:34):

That I say,

Speaker 3 (00:41:35):

Yeah. If you’re, if you like, didn’t going to turn around, go run at the Capitol building. Like I

Speaker 1 (00:41:42):

Gotta go get a massage.

Speaker 3 (00:41:45):

My favorite, my favorite, my favorite, like Y you know, JZ catch the light heat. But, uh, in the, you know, the, the movie, right? Judith, the soundtrack with the late great Nipsey hussle, right? Like they have a song and you know, Jay’s like, look, you let them ride the Capitol building and put their feet on the table. Like, you let this happen. Would you come after me? Hello. They put their feet, they stole a podium. They walked the podium out the door

Speaker 1 (00:42:18):

Camera. They wouldn’t

Speaker 3 (00:42:20):

For hours. We were there talking about black lives matter week.

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