Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (00:37:23):

It’s the, it’s the, we’re getting more powerful, right? It’s your point from earlier, right? Where we’re getting more powerful. We are recognizing our power that they also recognize. And now we’re a threat and we start demanding for seats and we start demanding for power and change and all of those things, we are a threat. And so they have to come up with a million excuses why they can’t hire us or why there’s not enough people in the pool, or I can’t find folks, or we don’t know where the black scientists are. We, you know, come on, let’s not do that. Let’s not

Speaker 1 (00:37:59):

Right. Let’s not, let’s not do that. Right. So I want you to speak to me about, I can’t, I can’t even say it with a straight face. Okay. Reverse racism.

Speaker 3 (00:38:13):

Listen, how much time we got the reverse racism thing is so beyond ridiculous. And it is just another excuse, right? To try to center whiteness. And it is another to try to hold onto power, hold onto privilege. And when we try to come and dismantle that they have to say, no, no, no, wait a minute. That’s also racism. That’s racism too. I’m like, no, no, no.

Speaker 1 (00:38:50):

You don’t seem to understand what racism is like.

Speaker 3 (00:38:55):

Yeah. You know, and you don’t experience the exact type of oppression that we do. In fact, you took and conquered everything from us. And so that is not a grounds to argue anything about reverse racism. You just look at the power structure in this country, that capitalism, right. The things that we value instead of black lives. Right? And so you folks putting signs in their windows and lawns and cars and all kinds of stuff. Now that say black lives matter. And they’re sitting there absorbing the powers or the privilege. Right. And so you can’t talk to me about reverse racism until we have the conversation about oppression, systemic oppression for black folks. Like we have to deal with that. And as long as you’re in seats of power and privilege and you give up nothing, don’t talk to me about that. Like, I’m not even here to listen to that one. Like this, you got me I’m out.

Speaker 1 (00:39:57):

There are, there are certain things you hear and you just go, mm, there is no conversation here. We’re just going to move on because how do you, how do you even begin? Somebody starts with reverse racism.

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