Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

Speaker 3 (00:34:22):

Right. But I think particularly in the education space, like the word equity has become a box checker. And so lots of folks are using the word equity and, Oh, we, this district cares about equity or this organization cares about equity and you know, and I’m like, that’s lovely. So can we talk about justice though? Like, what is the policy look like? That’s through to justice because that is a very different conversation. And justice requires personal sacrifice from folks in power. That is the difference for me. Right. It’s like moving that conversation. Like we, you know, it’s almost funny cause it’s like, you know, we started talking about diversity and then YPO started talking about diversity and then we start talking about equity and then they start talking about equity. Right. And so we can’t have, you know, how many words are going to colonize,

Speaker 1 (00:35:14):

So we’ll give you a new word. Okay. See how that works out

Speaker 3 (00:35:21):

And everything we do. Like we got, we got to move past this place of like, y’all just trying to take everything we have. Right. And say, you know, what do what’s comfortable? Right. You’re doing this right. I, I will, I will issue a statement about equity. I will issue a report about equity and tell you how many, you know, folks with color exist in my organization. That’s annual report talk like, Oh, um, we passed that. You know what I’m saying? Get your money, whatever. That’s how you do that on our backs, I’m ready for something else. Right? Like at this point it is what is the C-suite look like? And you know, it can you actually listen to us instead of focus, grouping us and you know,

Speaker 1 (00:36:09):

And there is fear or this idea that, Oh, you’re going to fire people so you can hire black people. I mean, you know, this is, and I’m always like, I’m always like, okay, maybe somebody should resign.

Speaker 3 (00:36:27):

There’s a lot of folk in Congress. I’m ready for them to resign. It’s a lot of fun.

Speaker 1 (00:36:31):

We’re not even going to go there. Okay. I’m like, please just go.

Speaker 3 (00:36:36):

Um, you know,

Speaker 1 (00:36:37):

Maybe you should resign or maybe when you’re leaving, you say, I would like this space to be taken up by a person of color and give people something to think about. Or maybe it’s just that when you guys are trying to fill a seat, you make sure that there’s, there are people of color in, you know, black people and people of color in the mix of who you’re picking from. So it’s not just, you know, it’s like, you would almost think that what’s gonna happen is okay. Companies are going to be like, yes, we want to do equity. Okay, good. You, you, you and you y’all are all fired. And a whole group of, you know, it’s that mentality. It’s like, do you know how things work? Like, do things really work that way? Because if they did it have been done ages ago,

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