Unapologetic Black Woman – Takirra Winfield Dixon

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Right. So even that is not conforming to white supremacy, white culture, white dominance, capitalism, anything like that, that we do. Right. It’s like we say, okay, all right, we’re going to March over here. And they’re like, hold on. We’re going to come over here or we’re going to start our own March, but y’all not going to be allowed. Or are we going to show up at y’all marches and throw bricks in your window? Like, you know, it’s like have our own stuff and build. And so I’m like, I just now need you. I don’t need your table anymore. I need you to respect the thing I’m building. Right. And so give up a little bit of your privilege, your sacrifice, make a little room for me, you know, but I got it. Right. Like I just think we have to do more of that. And when we do, we are powerful. Just think about like black Twitter, you know what I’m saying? We have like hours trending, you know, the girls souls, this like, well, you know, like we, we do it, you know, our power. Like we have to recognize our power 20 ways and redirected, you know, to ourselves. Like that’s where it’s gotta be. Now

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Here’s the thing. I think, as I’m thinking about that power is that it is recognized by everyone, which is why we are so targeted in, you know, when you talk about Tulsa, when you talk about black wall street, when you talk about, you know, these different towns that were prospering on their own terms, with their own money, doing their own thing, then all of a sudden from the outside, they were like, [inaudible] we can’t have this happen because that they going to get too powerful. Right. Or people who sit around and go, I’m not going to vote because my vote doesn’t count. And yet they are doing everything in their power to actually really keep you from voting. It didn’t matter. You know, that’s like, if there’s a paper in the street, it doesn’t matter. If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t care. They would let everybody vote. They would be like, let’s open up more voting places. It doesn’t matter. Cause we’re just, we’re just going to do it. One, two, it matters. And so it’s like the, they, they see and they understand our power. And I think even more than we do, because they spent so much time telling us that we’re not powerful that some of us have internalized that I get it, but we need to deconstruct that. Yeah. Realize, you know, you’re getting, you’re getting held down because you’re so powerful. Right.

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That’s right. That’s right. I mean, it’s true. Right. It’s why, you know, folks started getting nervous last year when we started going out and protesting and we came out of numbers and you know, and yeah, there were, you know, folks from all walks of life joining us. Right. We’re like, I just want to know what’s changed since we have been marching and protesting and right. Like we w we knew what we were protesting about. Like, I don’t know if the white folks knew what they were protesting about when they

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