Morning Routine, Calm Day

Sedruola Maruska | Personal Development Coach

About two years ago I grabbed a small booklet by Lewis Howes called “The Millionaire Morning.” I grabbed it because it was half the cost of a regular book and I was developing some interest in the power of mornings.

For a long time I considered myself a night owl. I thought my best work, and my most focused time was in the evening. Then I had a forced stop, reset and assess situation. What I found was, my best time was the morning. So, my interest in the booklet.

Mornings can be hectic and rushed especially especially if you’re responsible for getting others, like kids or aging parents ready for the day and out the door on time. Because of that, you may start your day feeling frazzled, cranky, and overwhelmed which isn’t good for anyone. I know!

You expire on. . .

Which is why a morning ritual is so important. Imagine if you woke, went through a ritual, then got into your day, the difference it would make. If you’re calmer, more grounded and relaxed, you’ll approach your day differently and help those involved in your morning feel more relaxed too.

A simple morning ritual that you perform each day will change your world. Let me explain what I mean and how a good morning routine can set the tone of your day.

What’s a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a series of actions you take every morning to help set the tone for your day.

It’s self-care that lets you begin each day feeling energized, relaxed, and purposeful. Morning routines are as personal and unique as each of us. They usually involve calming or reviving actions like writing in a journal, meditating, exercising, or creating to-do lists.

Whatever your morning routine is, make sure it helps you feel prepared for – and in charge of – your day.

Your day doesn't have to be the hurry scurry mess it is right now. Here are suggestions for starting a morning routine to change your day, week and life!

Benefits of a Morning Routine

Once I started a morning routine I gained a lot of great things from my new practice. Having a morning routine allowed me to positively set the tone for my entire day. So can you.


You’ll gain a sense of purpose and empowerment because you’re making proactive decisions about how to get things started and the activities you choose can help with a more positive mindset.

Taking time for yourself on a regular basis, especially at the beginning of the day, will also help improve your outlook and your coping skills. The sense of calm and control you get through exercising your morning routine will carry over into your day, keeping your mood high as you run into obstacles and in dealing with others. If you add things like a healthy breakfast and exercise to your new routine, you’ll face the day more energized and ready to go.

Morning Routine Suggestions

We’re all different, which means we have things that are important to us as individuals. Your morning routine needs to consist of activities you choose that’ll benefit you the most. Consider activities that nourish your soul and are meaningful to you.

Here are some suggestions to help get you thinking:

  • Journaling or morning pages is writing about your thoughts and feelings and can be healing
  • Exercise or go for a leisurely stroll. How hard you workout doesn’t matter. It’s moving your body that creates energy. Taking your movement outside can add calm and perspective
  • Start the night before, by writing down a tentative to-do list and schedule for the next day. This helps release tension of uncertainty by giving you a framework for the coming day

You can take these suggestions and add a few of your own, or start from scratch. The important things is to add whatever resonates with your spirit. Plan for about a half hour, more or less depending on your lifestyle.

The key to reaping morning routine benefits is to make it a regular event. Staying consistent and adjusting it as you go so it’s always what you need. Start getting your morning routine down, and you’ll see your days, weeks and months transform for the better.

Who decides beauty?

Sedruola Maruskaj Blog

I was having a conversation with my sister that turned to beauty. We were talking about marriage and anniversaries and how long some of our cousins have been married. We’re a huge supportive clan so we’ve all been to almost all our family weddings.

Anyway, my sister lamented that she looked “so bad” at our aunt’s wedding, but she just knew she was beautiful back then. “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about my mustache or unibrow? How did I feel so beautiful?”

I didn’t think long before saying “we told each other we were beautiful so that’s what we all took into the world. We didn’t see your mustache or unibrow as ‘ugly’ we saw them as you.”

Who decides?

The more I’ve thought about that question the more I wonder, who decides what beauty is? Who decides that a woman with a mustache is less desirable than one without?

Did we lie or mislead her?

Mommy, Can I Change My Color?

Who decides whether we did or didn’t? I’m not sure. What I’m sure of is we were sincere in our praise of each other. We loved each other unconditionally and saw our beauty beyond the norms.

I was 95 lbs. until I was 34. That made me self-conscious because I didn’t feel I was beautiful at that size. I didn’t wear bikinis or show my arms. No one told me I wasn’t beautiful, but those I was around had curves I wanted.

My family always told me I was beautiful so I never truly doubted it, but there were counter messages that got through anyway.

At some point, someone in advertising decided what the “ideal” look would be. They took parts of ethnic women and created an ideal that has been etched into our minds. If we don’t feel we fit into that ideal, we think something needs to be changed. But does it really?

No changes necessary


Beauty isn’t a product of what you look like on the outside, it’s a compilation of inner and outer beauty. I’ve seen men and women turned off by beautiful people because their beauty was skin deep. Then I’ve seen those men and women turned on by someone who would never fit the “ideal” because they glowed.

Scars To Your Beautiful

The next time you’re looking at yourself and thinking “I need to change. . . ” stop that thought. Think about your spirit. Think about your aura and consider if that’s what needs changing rather than your outer appearance.

Take it from a woman who walks around with and without breasts . . . no one cares how you look, they only care about who you are. Your person is what they respond to.

“Those who care, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t care.”

You are enough. You are beautiful. You decide, remember that!

Are you failing at life?

Sedruola Maruska | Personal Development Coach

Remember when your teacher would pull you aside and say “you’re failing this class, you need to do better.” (okay, maybe that was me not you, but go with me here).

Wasn’t it the most sinking feeling? It always felt like judgement upon your head or even worst, you were a failure.

Now you’re an adult with adult responsibilities. You’re even responsible for a few little people and you constantly hear that voice “You’re failing. . . “

But are you really, though? I mean, you’re still here right? You’ve got a job, a family? You pay your bills, taxes and even manage to take a vacation every now and then, right?

Then why do you keep hearing that voice?

If you were failing you’d be . . . well, not alive anymore I think. Who’d want to hire a failure? Who’d want to join lives with a failure, let alone have kids? Who’d want to hang out with a failure. . . would you?

The illusion of failure

The fear of failure is what keeps you “controlled”. The fear that you might “do it wrong” so why try is what keeps you in want.

Here’s a secret. Failure is an illusion. You only see it if you choose to look at it.

6 Lessons learned during my year of me

Let’s say someone is trying to create the worlds first widget. No one knows, so no one’s around to tell them how it’s going. So, they work on it and miss their mark over and over again. Finally, on their two hundredth try their widget does exactly what they imagined it would. Success!!

Do you think they look at the one hundred and ninety nine other tries as failures? I’m thinking no. Why? Because no one was there to tell them they were failing. Because every time they tried, they learned something new. Because they didn’t look at failure as a viable option

Again: Because every time they tried they learned something new.

Failure is an illusion. It’s a story we tell ourselves because it’s a story that’s been told to us.

Try and learn

Instead of saying we tried and failed, what if we said we “tried and learned”? We’ve all heard about Thomas Edison‘s famous line “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He did not see or look at failure, so he succeeded!

Why are we ready to allow the illusion of failure to derail our efforts? Maybe if we didn’t see anything as failing we’d be more successful in pursuing our dreams.

The next time you’re starting a new project or venture:

  • Do it on your own terms
  • Quiet your negative mind
  • Be bold
  • Remember you’re learning at every turn

Let’s go out and erase failure. Who needs it anyway?