What are you capable of?

Sedruola Maruska | Personal Development Coach

You don’t know what you’re capable of.

My friend Shelly was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2017. I thought to myself “She’s so strong, I don’t know what I’d do.” We lost Shelly in the Fall of 2017.

Then in December of 2017 I got my chance to find out what I’d do when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Shelly inspired me not only to keep smiling and keep loving, but to do it to the best of my ability. So that’s what I’ve done.

You’ve got breast cancer: Survival Tips

Every day I’ve smiled, loved, practiced immeasurable gratitude and opened up to help others who’ve been diagnosed.

I didn’t realize I was capable of taking on cancer until it came for me.

What I did know was how to keep my head up, my loved ones close, and my faith strong.

You may not know what you’re capable of in light of tough situations, but if you know how to embrace yourself and your blessings, you’re equip for battle.