Grab The Best 2017 Fall Fashion Deals

Grab The Best 2017 Fashion Deals | Sedruola Maruska

It’s back to school time which means everyone’s looking for fashion deals! Well, look no further because I’ve compiled a list of deals from fun retailers across the web.

When I was going to school it was exciting to grab new clothes and imagine how cute I’d be for class. Although I’m no longer in school, I get excited when the weather begins to turn because I love Fall! I love the layering and wrapping of sweaters and drinking hot cocoa. Beyond that, I love fashion deals!

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Grab The Best 2017 Fashion Deals | Sedruola Maruska

I don’t have an endless budget for clothing and I imagine you don’t either. When I find a deal that’s awesome I love to take advantage of it, especially since I’m not an “all the time” shopper. That’s why I thought I’d bring the deals to you.

My quick disclaimer is this: Yes,  some links are affiliate links, but not all. I’m sharing what I think would most benefit you. I’ll let you know which retailers I’ve actually had experience with.


The first retailer is JustFab! I LOVE them because they make it so easy to buy super cute stuff almost every month at a great price. I HATE them for the very same reason! When you join their VIP program you’ll pay $39 a month into your account. If you don’t use the money, it stays in your account. When you’re ready, you can use the money in your account to purchase anything on their site. If it isn’t in the budget for you to pay the $39, you can skip a month by going to your personal style area.

It’s like having a personal shopper!

Well, they’re currently doing a $10 promotion (which is how I got a pair of super cute boots last year) for your first style. Just click here, on any link or the image below to get started.


I’m going to send you down the fashion discount rabbit hole that is Azbro! When you get there you’ll find so many amazing dresses at wonderful prices, you may not find your way back to say thanks. So, let me just say “you’re welcome” now! Azbro is a sister store to Oasap (we’ll talk about them later) so I have a bit of experience with their items. I was very pleased with everything I purchased (see this post & this post) from clothing to jewelry.

All over their site are back to school, Labor Day and Fall discounts so let me just list a few to make it easier for you:

Labor Day Sale!Up to 85% Off!$8 OFF $65 with LBD8
Labor Day Sale!Up to 85% Off!$18 OFF $115 with LBD18
Labor Day Sale!Up to 85% Off! $4 OFF $35 with LBD4
Save $13 off $105+ Orders with code:SCHOOL13+Free Shipping WW with no minimum purchase
-Use DAY15 to Save Extra 15% Off


Last year when I was looking for the right bikini I stumbled across ModCloth. Not only did I find my bikini, but I fell in love with their slightly retro look and feel. I also fell in love with the fact that they have clothing for all sizes. Super cute clothing for all sizes to be exact! So, I had to share a few of their current deals with you. Please be warned, some are JUST FOR THIS WEEKEND so be sure to grab them while you can (8/26/17 – 8/28/17).

Buy More, Save More Labor Day Sale! 25% Off, 30% Off $150+ ,40% Off $250+ Starts 8/31 @ Midnight EST, Ends 9/4 @ 11:59PM EST.

30% Off Fall Flash Sale – 24 hours only! Starts 8/28 @Midnight EST, Ends 8/28 @ 11:59PM EST

19% Off Select Work Appropriate Items For Women’s Equality Day! Starts Saturday 8/26 at 12am EST Ends Sunday 8/27 11:59pm EST

Fab Friday Deals! Each Friday ModCloth Will Feature Select Styles At 40% Off. Starts Every Friday @ Midnight EST, Ends Every Friday @ 11:59 PM EST


As I mentioned above, Oasap is a sister company to Azbro but with a slightly different, more adult, feel. When I browse Oasap I’m always drooling and making plans to pick up a dress or top or earrings for anything that’s coming up. Their styles are fun, classic and affordable. It also helps that they always have tons of sales going on at any given time!

As I’m looking for a few new pieces for Fall, this will definitely be one of my stops. Here are a few deals you’ll find irresistible:

Labor Day Sale! Save Extra $19 Off $119+ Order with Code:LABOR19

Labor Day Sale! Save Extra $9 Off $69+ Order with Code:LABOR9

Labor Day Sale! Save Extra $5 Off $39+ Order with Code:LABOR5

Oasap B2S Maxi Dress Sale:Save Extra 16% Off Using Code: MAXI16

Set up new trends with those styles from the 80s & 90s?

Miscellaneous Deals

Here are a few random deals you may love:

Sally Beauty Supply: $10 off $40 with code 888114. 8/25-8/28

TBDress: Summer Clearance Sale: $5 Off Over $69 & Free Shipping Over $99 Ends 9/4/17

This is fun, I may need to do it every season, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below if getting exclusive fashion deals on a quarterly basis is something you could get used to, I know I can!

Black and White Off Shoulder Top

Black and White Off Shoulder Top | Sedruola Maruska

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Over the 4th of July weekend we were prepping to have friends over for a cookout. I’d purchased this super cute black and white off shoulder top and hadn’t had a chance to wear it. I wanted to try it out. As I looked through my closet for something to pair it with, I found a pair of shorts. I’d been waiting to pair them with the right top.

Black and White Off Shoulder Top | Sedruola MaruskaMy locs were newly bleached and I was in love with the results! I pulled on the top, my super cute shorts and threw on my wedge black & white heels. I took one look and knew I had to spread the word.

Black and White Off Shoulder Top | Sedruola Maruska

This black and white off shoulder top is incredibly cute & comfy! It’s made to be a crop top. The nice thing is, because of the slightly ruffled bottom, you don’t have to show your belly. (I opted to let it do it’s thing and it fell just right)

Black and White Off Shoulder Top | Sedruola Maruska

I ran outside with my tripod, phone and selfie stick. As I set up for a few shots, a friend, who was coming to our cookout, walked up our driveway. He was a little early and immediately asked if this was a “dress up” thing. Internally I laughed, externally I responded that it wasn’t. Since he was just checking on something he quickly made his exit and I continued my photo shoot.

Black and White Off Shoulder Top | Sedruola Maruska

The top is an instant “dressy” look if needed. I enjoyed that, but it meant I changed after taking the photos because I didn’t want to make my guests feel uncomfortable. I being so “dressy” and all. 🙂 I’ll be taking it for it’s maiden voyage when I go to dinner & a movie with hubby our next date night.

Rememeber the cold shoulder top we talked about before, this is along the same lines of timeless style and fun to wear!

Extra 15% Off for 1st Order+FS


Giving the Cold Shoulder

Giving the Cold Shoulder | Sedruola Maruska

So this hot new trend, uhhhh, cool new trend in clothing for the summer is the “cold shoulder” look. You know, where your shoulders say ‘hello’ and you have sleeves on the rest of your arm. (look below)

The thing about having been around for awhile is this, you see trends come, go, then come around again. Some trends linger. . . this one has lingered and grown. About 5 years ago I bought a beautiful top. It’s sheer with the cropped front and longer back (another “trend” in play right now) and cold shoulders. I’m a classic kindda gal who also doesn’t change sizes very much so I usually buy pieces I think will last. Yes, I do still have the top.

Fast forward a few years and everywhere I look I’m seeing cold shoulder blouses with long tails and short fronts. Intuit much?! Funny how that works. So, this summer I’m grabbing a couple more cold shoulders and having a bit of fun. I started with this blouse by OASAP. I found them on Instagram (follow me on IG) and fell in love. . . how could you not? They have tops, bottoms, accessories (check out my earrings) and more at unbelievable prices.

I get excited because if I’m going to be “trendy” I don’t want to pay a ton for it since trends change. . . Now, if I find a lovely “classic” piece, I will dish the dough cause, I have some things in my closet that are over 15 years old and still look A-MA-ZING!

You’re Worth It

Let’s not start with the negative self-talk “that’s for young people” “that won’t look good on me” or “My shoulders are too _______” oh, I know where you’re going! This trend is for anyone willing to put a bit of sexy on! It doesn’t take into consideration any of the things you’re thinking about, it just wants you to feel and look amazing.

I have to admit I thought I’d feel uncomfortable with this top. It’s got straps and a slight ‘V’ front and sleeves that fall off my arm, how is any of that comfy. Then I put it on and nothing fell out (not that I have much to fall out, but that’s not the point). It was easy to maneuver in, play in and relax in stress free!

The top is super light so it’s like you’re naked. A quick glance down reassured me I was still dressed and looking ubber hot!

For the summer OASAP is having tons of sales, they want you to look cute! Just click Here to explore the whole place or on the images below to got directly to my top and earrings!

Hey, have some fun shopping. . . I’ve been to the department stores, they don’t have a beat on you, or me. Clothes catered to our “age” are not as fun!

Giving the Cold Shoulder | Sedruola Maruska

Giving the Cold Shoulder | Sedruola Maruska

Giving the Cold Shoulder | Sedruola Maruska

Giving the Cold Shoulder | Sedruola Maruska