Where are your parents?

Sedruola Maruska | Personal Development Coach

‘Why are you riding your bike alone, where are your parents?’

That was the question asked of my 8 year old as she rode her bike from the elementary school in our town to my parent’s house.

The ride is just about 2 miles of straight sidewalk riding in a small rural town.

When I was 10 going on 11 we moved back to New York City where I walked 4 blocks, by myself to the bus stop every day, to take the city bus for about 30 minutes to school.

Yet, here was my daughter, riding with barely a soul around, and someone stopped to put the fear of life in her.

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Why are we so afraid?

There are many theories about why someone would stop and question an 8 year old enjoying a beautiful day on her bike, but we’d digress. . . .

Are you that 8 year old? Or are you the person full of fear that stopped to question her?

We live in a world where fear grips every aspect of our lives. But why live in fear. What are we fearing?

Fear sells.

Fear controls.

Fear kills.

Why live in fear?

I know people who want to do something different in their lives. Go places, experience things, build businesses, but . . . fear.

When fear takes hold it’s crippling. You’d love to take more downtime, but you’re afraid your children will hate you for it. You want to go out with the girls, but your husband makes you feel guilty. You want to build a business, but what if you fail. Fear.

Old White Men in Wheelchairs Scare Me

What if, instead of fear we decided to embrace positive expectation? When we live with positive expectation funny things happen. What was scary, isn’t anymore. What seemed impossible, doesn’t anymore. Guild no longer has a hold and, well, you’re free to experience life on your terms.

My daughter thought it was funny that someone would stop and question her riding her bike to her grandparents house. So did I. But then I had to let her know not to answer stranger’s questions when she’s riding.

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“Just say ‘I know where I’m going, and I’m fine, thank you’ and keep riding” is what I instructed her to say.

I’m not interest in having anyone project their fears on my children. I don’t project mine. There’s plenty of time for them to live in a “fear-filled” world.

For now, they live in a world where they are safe, happy children who can ride their bikes without the thought of “where are your parents?” looming over them.

As for my fears, I’m working on making sure they don’t keep me from doing things I want to do, seeing things I want to see and experiencing things I’d love to experience. I’m practicing Positive Expectation and living like that 8 year old girl. . . what about you?