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I'm a speaker focused on accountability, equity, inclusion and social justice with a focus on cultivating culture and spaces where diversity flourishes.

I believe speaking is a gift and a privilege which is why I encourage a more accessible environment for underrepresented communities.

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Code of conduct - It's important to me that the places I speak have an enforced code of conduct.

Diversity initiative - As an advocate for diversity & inclusion it's necessary that the places I speak have a lineup that matches the topics being delivered and addressed.

Paid travel - If I need to travel for an event airfare, hotel and car must be covered separate from any speaker fees (if applicable).

Honorarium - When I commit to speaking it takes 30+ hours of work to develop, edit and practice. Therefore, it's important that any engagement offer opportunity for payment. Rates are negotiable.

The summer I was eight years old it didn't surprise me that we were moving. We moved a lot.

"Where are we going, Dad?"

"We're going to Salt Lake City, Utah."

I figured out where Utah was on the map, and looked forward to the adventure. My built-in playmate, my little brother, would be fine.

One day, I was out playing with a group of kids and someone suggested we play run-catch-kiss. I'd turned nine by that time so it was a time of self-discovery.

The game started and we scattered. As the game progressed I noticed a pattern. No one was running to catch or kiss me.

One of my good friends at the time noticed too. He stopped the game, we had a conference and everyone agreed that I'd need to be included.

That meant that one of the little white boys would need to be brave enough to run after, catch and kiss me, a little Black girl. Someone stepped up to the plate on that first round after our conference. We ran, he "caught" me reluctantly, kissed me on my cheek, and that was the end of the game.

Many companies when talking about diversity and inclusion treat it like the kids in the game.

Let's bring on people who make us look inclusive. But we don't need to play with them, we certainly don't need to truly include them in our game and if they ask to truly be included, well. . . .

As an equity and inclusion advocate my messages center around gaining the confidence to make our worlds better. That means tapping into our personal best and becoming better. Better advocates. Better co-conspirators. Better humans.

Booking me as a speaker means inspiring your audience to excellence, acceptance and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

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Sample Topics

(custom topics available on equity, inclusion & social justice)

"You're The One You've Been Waiting For" - We're often looking beyond our capabilities for answers that we already have the capacity for. Instead, we need to look at our strengths, skills and talents to know that we have the answers.

"Mind Your Busyness" - The myth of “busyness” we’ve bought into is killing us. Especially as people from marginalized groups. It's time for us to stop killing ourselves, literally, to fit into a society that wasn't meant for us. We require rest, leisure and fun. It takes courage to be leisurely in the midst of “busy”

"50 Shades of People: How to Be A Diversity Advocate Even If You're Not The Boss" - Just because you're not the boss doesn't mean you aren't equip to push your company's diversity, inclusion and equity initiative forward. They don't have one? Propose it. Yes, you can!

"Compassion Is An Action Word" - True compassion requires action not feeling. Learn  to be more compassionate.

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