Sleeping & Breathing Misses in the Black Community | Karese LaGuerre

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Right. I love it. You certainly exude the passion that you talked about in the beginning about what, what it is you do and how did you come to doing this? How did you do, was it something you stumbled upon or, or something you were like, I, I wanna learn how to take care of the facial muscles when you were like six. No, not at all.

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I wish I knew about this

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Actually happened is, well, I’m a mom of four. And, um, also I started out my career as a registered dental hygienist. Now none of this was talked about in dental hygiene school at all. And I went to a phenomenal university here in New Jersey. I went to the university of medicine and dentistry, New Jersey, phenomenal university. So it’s of no fault of their own. It’s just something that has been more up and coming in the past decade or so now what I will say is that my four children had common issues that I would say everybody really goes through with their children, but nobody ever talks about these things. You know, when somebody asks you how your kid’s doing, you don’t tell them, okay, I have one that’s sleeping terribly, that’s snoring. And that’s, you know, sleepwalking and wedding bed. You don’t tell them that you have another child that has ADHD and is going through all sorts of behavioral issues at school.

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And you were in and out of the principal’s office. You don’t tell people these things. It makes you feel like you’re the problem, right? You’re failing. I absolutely. So it was actually when I started working for one particular pediatric dentist, and I was telling her all these things and just being very open and raw about what I was going through as a parent that she said, well, how are they breathing? Like, how are they sleeping at night? And I’m like, what does this have to do with the fact that, you know, he has ADHD and like the other ones have these ear and throat infections. And I don’t know what it all has to do, but it actually fit together so perfectly. And why to address what was going on with how they were breathing, how we were preparing them for sleep. Oh, it made a night and day difference. And I knew like, if this is what was going on with me and my family and I wasn’t talking about it, I’m sure there’s so many other people who aren’t talking about it that need to know that this exists and that they can help their families too. So that’s when I do deep.

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Mm yes. I see. I see you’ve published a book, right? How to sleep better eliminate and execute goals, which I love the title. Yes. Tell us a little bit about your book.

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