Sleeping & Breathing Misses in the Black Community | Karese LaGuerre

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It was laughable to us, but there’s other people who really genuinely deep in their heart believe that, right? There’s also the belief within the dental community. I’ve heard this a lot too, that, you know, we just have bigger, broader, tougher bones. So, you know, we’re harder to deal with in the dental chair. And there’s more to do when you’re dealing with a black person’s now, and I just don’t understand these things. It just doesn’t make much sense to me at all. So I find that we’re not being given the information to start with. So whether it’s from day one, where you have these new mothers who have these babies and their babies are not latching well, and the mom’s in pain, and they’re just told to push through it. Whereas in other communities that wouldn’t be the case we’re immediately looking and trying to find out what’s going on.

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So it starts from there. Then it goes a little further on with nutrition because you know, all of these things make an impact. So how you’re using these muscles, everything makes an impact. So with nutrition, a lot of the soft foods that tend to be in the diets are really not optimal. When these kids are trying to grow, they need to chew. They need to use these drama muscles. They need to use these teeth. Hard. Nutritious foods are very important. And we find a lot of softer foods, the Mac and cheese, the chicken nuggets, the things that really aren’t going to grow or develop much of anything, then you know, those melt in your mouth types of food.

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Odd, just, uh, you know, a little bit further when you have your child and they need braces and nobody’s giving you any information beyond the fact that, okay, not only do you need braces, but here’s why you need the braces, right? So there’s this assumption that we can’t afford it. And so they’re not going to tell us about it. There are alternative health and wellness options that you can use such as myofunctional therapy, such as, even so much as just getting some body work done for your baby. So when you start with a baby or a young child and you get some great chiropractic care, or you see a cranial sacral therapist, and they’re able to manipulate with their hands and help those body parts grow before those sutures close before they’re at the age four and five, and we’ve completed 50% of growth. I mean, there’s so much stuff that we’re not even given the information about. They just kind of leave us to let it go until it’s gone too far.

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