Sleeping & Breathing Misses in the Black Community | Karese LaGuerre

Speaker 1 (03:02):

Hm, absolutely. So when you say sleep and grieving, you’re putting them together, or are you saying, are you kind of putting, separating them in terms of breathing when we’re awake and how we do that and then breathing when we’re asleep and how we do that?

Speaker 2 (03:19):

Ooh, I like that very important that we have them both separate and together, right? So yes, how you breathe matters overall, because we can go days without water. We can go weeks without food, but you can’t go any thing more than maybe a few minutes without breathing. Like you need to breathe, but how you breathe matters, how you breathe is very important. It is essential, um, that you’re doing it optimally because all of our cells work off of oxygen. And if we’re not getting enough oxygen and we’re not cycling through properly, that affects your whole body from head to toe. And then we’ll just transform that into sleep now, like how you breathe matters and it will impact your sleep. So if you’re not oxygenating and you know, really one of the few things that is still going and going very well while you’re sleeping, are those lungs. So your lungs and your heart are still functioning while you’re sleeping, right. Brain is on overdrive while you’re sleeping, but you’ve got to keep everything active and going with that oxygen in the body. And so if you’re not breathing properly, you’re not sleeping properly. And you’re really taking years off of what could be a very, very long.

Speaker 1 (04:32):

Wow. Okay. See, see, I like that. And I’m, I’m really excited about talking to you because I am a big believer in taking time for yourself. And part of that is if you need a nap, take that nap. If you feel like your body is going okay, I’m a little, I’m just not feeling optimal. Take that nap, let your body regenerate and keep going. So I like this are you, are you? You are validating me. I love it. And I love you promoting a good nap. There’s nothing like a good nap. Oh my goodness. Everything, everything now that we’ve gotten there. So clearly your passion is tied into your work, which is a beautiful thing. So tell us a little bit about myofunctional therapy. I think that that’s the, what you practice. And so tell us what that is.

Speaker 2 (05:36):

So myofunctional therapy is kind of like working with a personal trainer for all the muscles below your eyes, but above your shoulders. So I worked to help and get all of those muscles strengthened, coordinated, and functioning properly so that you can optimize your breathing, your sleeping, and definitely how you’re functioning. If we don’t have proper function. And if we don’t have our good muscle tone, especially up here, a lot is going to be affected. There’s a myriad of things. So whether it’s from childhood and you’re not developing, right. And so you wind up needing braces, like who knew that you could prevent needed braces, um, or, you know, you’re in your youth and it’s ADHD or you’re an adult and you’ve got a whole bunch of acid reflux. And you know, you’re very gassy. That’s termed as aerophagia, you’re swallowing. A lot of air, all of these muscles are so important to keep toned, to keep just as fit as you would keep the rest of your body. So when you’re working out, don’t forget your, your myofunctional all there.

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