Better Sleep, Better Health in 90 Days

Better Sleep, Better Health in 90 Days | Sedruola Maruska

"Take time to get all the rest you need, your body's working hard to heal."

Isn't it interesting how we take time to sleep when our bodies are so over-stressed they force us down? But other times we feel it's one place we can cut corners?

I know how hard it is to get enough sleep. With two kids, a husband, a dog, a job, building a business and aging parents. . . who can sleep? Right?

Here's the truth. With all those things going on, who CAN'T afford to sleep? Without enough sleep everything suffers, not just you.

You owe it to yourself to get enough sleep so you manage all other things in your life with a better perspective and attitude.

Here's the nitty gritty, if you're:

  • anxious
  • forgetful
  • constantly getting or feeling sick
  • experiencing memory loss

This book is a step in the right direction

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"What an engaging, informative and fun read! You need paper, pencil or pen to jot down notes or re-read several times to absorb all the beneficial information given in this book. -Sabrina

Sleep is one of the most overlooked keys to health & success. Many "gurus" tell us to push hard and grind never mentioning how important sleeping is. So what do we do, we push, grind, and burn out. 

"Sleep" helps you learn how to get more sleep, and why you need it to boost your immunity, engage your memory and live healthier and more productive.

Here's what you'll learn

  • The REAL connection between sleep and productivity
  • How many hours of sleep YOU need
  • Why you need a bedtime routine
  • Physical signs you're not getting enough sleep
  • Ways to nap
  • How to prevent burnout
  • The impact of sleep on your brain
  • The price you pay for lack of sleep
  • The benefits of a rested mind

Give yourself the gift of sleep, starting with this booklet.

Are you:

  • Finding it hard to rest
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Feeling insecure in your abilities
  • Making small mistakes that make you feel incompetent

You're not crazy or incompetent, you're just losing too much sleep and your brain is trying to tell you to rest.

If you're health is compromised and you need to boost your immunity, or you're not getting as much done as you'd like grab a copy. I know it'll put you on the path to more sleep and better health!