Loving Yourself – Survey

As a Generation X woman I often feel like my voice gets drowned out of the most pertinent conversations. No one talks about how I have to manage both my parents and my children while working and living. Instead they want to talk about how the Boomers are aging and need attention. Or they talk about the Millennials and how to hire them, cater to them and give them what they need. ENOUGH!

I’ve decided to not only care for my needs, but to listen to yours. If you’re a woman of “Generation X” I’d love for you to fill out this survey and help me speak to what’s important to you. The goal is to give you a safe place to let your goddess loose! I know how much we get tied up in family, work and community, completely leaving ourselves out of the equation.

I’d like to help you get back to yourself. Because when you get back to loving yourself, you’ll live your best life. . . and isn’t that what we all want?

The Survey

The following survey is anonymous because I’d like you to be as honest and detailed as possible with your answers. Because the survey is anonymous, I won’t have any contact information for you, however, I’d love it if you’d join my mailing list! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing:

  • Results of this survey
  • New programs
  • New printables
  • Events
  • More!

I’m excited to start hearing your voice and helping it resonate!