Growing Beyond White Approval

I think that I, I’m not sure. I would phrase it as to remember about me, but I would want people to be inspired by me living my fullest life to do that for themselves. Yes. So I constantly seek to live very authentically. Um, yeah. And enough so that, I hope that that’s what people see when I pass that they see that, that there’s a Spire diet and that they want to do the same.

Nice. I love it. Okay. Final question. What is your favorite food dish and why? Just one? Well, just one

Shot. Well, I’m going to choose Baygon Barta. It’s a, um, eggplant Indian dish. It’s an Indian eggplant dish. And it’s my favorite because you can find a version of it almost anywhere in the country that has an Indian restaurant and pretty much everywhere in the country actually has an Indian restaurant and it’s delicious spicy. I love Indian food in general because it’s spicy and I enjoy eating vegetarian more so than, than meat. So I always seek out vegetarian food. So it’s the vegetarian dish that can find almost anywhere in the country. It’s delicious. Maybe. Cause I don’t get it often enough because where I live right now in Brooklyn, I don’t right. Isn’t that amazing. I don’t actually have quick access to it. Um, because we lived on the outskirts of Brooklyn. So I think I’m gonna go with that with bacon pasta.

I love it. I love it. Well, I’m going to have to try it because you know, we’re dishing and talking about food. I’m going to have to try it. Oh

Yes. It’s great. With little keys and I’m making you hungry now.

Oh, well thank you so much. L’Oreal for coming on the show. It has been not only enlightening, but it has been fun. And I go out there and conquer the world and be your authentic self. And look, everybody knows that you are unapologetically black, that

Your resistance that I love it. Thank you so much for being here.

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