Growing Beyond White Approval

It’s like that. I saw, there’s something that I saw that said that someone who, you know, we were watching these people get killed and when they get killed, they go into their backgrounds to find all the dirt that they can find. Yes. And it’s kind of like, so black people have to be perfect in order to be in order for, for a killing, not to be justified. That’s absolutely no sense. Whereas you see these, some of these shooters, these police officers, even these, you know, white boys running around with rifles, shooting people, right. They don’t get scrutinized in that same way. The assumption being that they’re a good guy, gone wrong. And whereas the assumption, yes. Whereas the assumption with any black human is, well, he probably deserved it because he probably didn’t do what he was supposed to do is not perfect. So we have to, we have to show perfection where other people are allowed to falter as humans

Do. Yes. We have to learn and grow. And I will tell you the I’m very resentful at that fact resentful about that. Yeah. I don’t know how else to say it. I’m resentful that I’ve had to be perfect, which I am, but for that, for that reason, I, I am okay. Yeah.

Yeah. And I, and I can, and I can fully understand that feeling because I think I too have had those feelings of resentment where it’s like, well, why do I need to be all it is? And they just, they can just be, you know, mediocre of the earth. Right. Right. Why is it here? Here’s what I was thinking the other day. You’ve got Cardi B thing in wet ethicacy and my God, she is a flood. She’s a horse. She’s a, this she’s of that. And yet you got one man talking about, he’s going to grab some and you make him president.

I think you just dropped the mic. I’m done with that.

I thought about that. And I thought, oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh yeah. It absolutely does. Absolutely. And I’m so glad that she’s not allowing anybody to deter her from what she’s doing, because you know what, she has the right to do whatever she’s doing because she’s making people happy, just, oh, you know, you don’t understand. Doesn’t mean that it is not good stuff. I actually really liked that song.

Me too. I felt so empowered. Honestly. I felt so empowered.

So, ah, two final questions for you. Number one, the first question is what’s something you hope people will remember about you when you pass on. And I think I put that question in there because you know, of course this week we’ve been dealing with, with Chadwick Boseman having passed on and leaving an amazing legacy behind, you know, charitable charity, but also a strength and grace and honor, and you know, that perfection quote unquote, possibly right. But free for you if you’ve ever thought about it, like what, what do you think you want people to remember about you?

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