Growing Beyond White Approval

Yeah. Every city that you have mentioned has been in the south and Midwest. Yes. And Midwest. That is not a coincidence. Is it? That is, that is kind of par for the course. Right. Cause I was talking to someone else recently and, and of course, you know, I lived in Atlanta for five years and one of the things that I noticed in the south is everybody needs to know their place, especially black people. Right. So when black people come in and they don’t know their place, quote, unquote,

It gets very there’s pushback,

Right? Yes. There’s pushback. Or there’s the question? Where are you from? Because clearly you can’t be from here because you don’t know how we do things here. Right. This culture here, you don’t the, the, the underlying question is, or statement is you, aren’t part of our culture. You don’t understand our culture down. Right. Right. Right. So in order for you to not have that pushback, you would need to have a white producer. If you had one white person on your team who was talking to all of them, they would then feel, oh, he’s in charge. It’s okay. He’s got them in check. Yeah.

Even if that person was just running logistics and we said, you know what, just be the, just be the mouthpiece in between.

Absolutely. Yep. 100%. You wouldn’t have that. Right. Yeah. It’s very interesting how these things happen and they happen. And we are usually gaslighted and made to think that it’s all in our minds or is it just, it’s just, maybe he’s having a bad day. Well, you know what? I have bad days too. And on my bad days, I still don’t do some of the things that people who have, or are having bad days do to other people. Right. Because it never occurs to me that person, because I’m not that person. Right. Right. I don’t have those thoughts or ideas. So yeah. So now we have this very clear, you know, avenue, if we’re sitting, let’s say, you know, a year from now, we’re sitting around, we’re celebrating. Like we’re really having a great celebration besides the fact that maybe COVID has gone. What do you think has happened to shift or industry? Like, what do you think has happened to shift your industry that we will be celebrating? And this is kind of where we put, we go for your suggested solution to things like this. I think one you already said was that, you know, you could reach out to them and say, Hey, thanks for the help you gave us, you know, reach out to the venues. But what else do you think could happen that you would, that we would be celebrating? Cause it would be a real shift in the industry.

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