Growing Beyond White Approval

I say, I say, I say, forget what was intended also, although yes, I would like to fight you. But that aside forget what was intended. How about the result? Right? The result is, is what matters here is that not only do you on a regular basis, not have black events at, um, at your space, you are now not welcoming to a black event because you might not be accustomed to the culture of our event. And the result is now that we don’t have a venue in Durham, North Carolina, to cater to the audience of Durham, North Carolina, that mind you was a very mixed audience, black and white, who appreciated what we had to bring, right? That’s the result or, or, or, or in Louisville there without fail. We go to Louisville every three months for the last, I don’t know, four years, plus I promise you every single time we go, they have the same light guy who has the same. I don’t know what issue with us. I’m pretty sure it’s because we’re black. But right. Every time you go to say something to him, can you, can you put the brightness up and let me show you what he has to do to fulfill my request, push it up. That’s that’s what he has to do to fulfill the request that we have for the show that we produced and that we’re putting on.

Right. And that you understand. Right. That’s so, so in your opinion, because I already know that I feel is if it’s a problem of taking direction from someone who is black, would you concur with that? And do you think, do you feel that that was probably the reason that there

Was a hundred percent? I can give you examples. Wilmington. We have a venue in Wilmington, the sound and light engineer there. We’re setting up, um, Ainsley’s working with him to set up, you know, who the place will work for you. You don’t own the place. Um, I asked you to put this here and put that there because we have leased the place for two night. You do work for us for tonight. My answer doesn’t even say that Ainsley just relax. This is all I’m asking every time. Uh, another venue. I forget which city it might’ve been Kansas city. Um, after the, the it’s pre-show so right before the show starting, but doors have opened and Ainsley’s asking them to, uh, the sound is not loud enough. Can you please put up the sound at least five times? [inaudible] somebody else to ask because it’s not getting results, right? He’ll go ask him to put up the sound phenol, go ask him to put up sound. They’re going to go ask them to put up the sound finally to Ainsley. You just come in here thinking old place, trying to change everything around, trying to try to do everything.

Wow. Wow.

Mind you. We’re about like, where’s this coming from? Because that wasn’t even the tone of the conversation. He just blew up. You just coming in to take over the place. Yeah. Those words over the plate I played. That was his problem. Because once I can say to you, let me show you what he needed to do. Yeah. Just push

The little button button, push it up and you know, raise the volume, increase the volume. That’s good.

But you went over and took over the place like this is yours. And you’re telling us what to do. Exact words.

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