Growing Beyond White Approval

My partner. Ainsley, his girl.

I don’t know what girls, I know pimps have girls. Right? I don’t, I don’t understand the verbiage. I don’t know if this guy who the sound’s a new year. Maybe he’s a pimp. Maybe he has girls. Cause I don’t even know where that ride came from. I don’t like how he wasn’t treating his girls. Right. That whole idea that we came out of the event and Ainsley was mine. And the other women of the teams pimp.

Yes, the,

I was so shocked. I was, I was like, Ooh, even talks like that whole talk like that. And this is, and that’s supposed to because we’re black. Like what? And then you try to say, well, it wasn’t because of him that we’re not having you back. It’s just not a good fit. Mind you, they made great money. All the audience, less happy that night, they didn’t get a single complaint from audience member. And that was the results that, that was, that was my, that was very shocking to, to read those words. I can, I can forward you. The email is in writing. That was for me,

I’m sure it’s shocking for some of our audience members as well, because the verbiage is very clear, right? The verbiage is very clear. There’s no denying the implication of the words. Right. And the fact that one of the things, a lot of people use when they don’t want to hire someone of color or of a different background is, well, they just fit our culture. Right. That is a classic racist buying into racism statement. It’s like a classic statement. And we hear it all the time

When you’re talking about your, your, your culture is really what the 10 max employees that you have that night, everything else is an audience that we bring. Right. So,

Right. So what are you talking about? What culture

Are you talking about? And they’ve had other,

Right. Oh, it had other burlesque

Shows there. Yes.

You know, we say these things and there’s going to be someone, the audience is going to say, well, maybe you misinterpreted. Maybe, maybe that’s maybe that’s not what they meant. Maybe that’s not what they intended to say to something like that.

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