Growing Beyond White Approval

That’s not.

When did it, you know, you were just reading it wrong. You know what I would like for you to tell me something that people would think would be so fantastical that it could not happen, but it actually did.

Right. Right, right. Um, so we can talk all day, but let me talk about actual, um, we all went for the first time, a venue in Durham, North Carolina. And, uh, we arrived at the venue. We have a big four transit van, 12 seater to 15th year that we, you know, the whole team rides in. We get to the venue park where we’re supposed to park all of us. We get out of the vehicle. We enter the venue. We proceed to do exactly what we do for every show. We proceed to start setting up the rooms, setting ourselves up, blah, blah, blah, fast forward as show begins, the venue provides the light and sound engineer. And I’m only going to tell you my perspective, what I know directly. Sure. So the venue, the show is happening and Ainsley comes to me. I don’t know what’s going on with this sound guy.

He disappeared. He keeps going outside. We need him inside. During the show, during the whole show, he keeps going outside to smoke with his friends. Right? Okay. And see, I’m not sure what somebody needs to have a conversation with him. As he attempts to have a conversation, nothing gets fixed, continues that this happens throughout the whole show. Um, a couple other things happen through throughout the show. Um, Rouge came to me, shove, something’s wrong with that guy? He’s being rude, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I never spoke to the guy personally show complete. Um, we get back home and now we’re having a Roundup with the venue owners, the venue, emails us. Sorry to tell you. We can no longer work with you. Oh really? Mind you. The show was packed.

All the people left the show like, woo. They made money time. Oh, they made money and they invested it. They know they made money. They know the show was great. Yes. Everybody told us the show is great. However, we can’t have you back because we don’t feel that the show matches with our culture as a venue. And also one of our, one of our workers told us that he didn’t like how the, the short black guy was treating his girls. When they, when they came out of the van now. No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s

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