Growing Beyond White Approval

Oh my gosh. I so relate to that because that is exactly where I’ve been, but I’ve been there since, before all of this is going on, you know, I jumped into that right after cancer. I was like, yes, no stress zone, no stress for me. Do I need a nap? Yes. I’m going to go take nap. I just need some teeth. I couldn’t do that. So I totally get it. Yeah. A lot. A lot. A lot. So what’s your super power? My super power.

That’s interesting. Well, uh, one of my super powers is that I, I can get personal with a stranger very quickly to understand their needs and their wants on a deeper, authentic level and try to respond to that deeper unstated. A lot of times wants and needs. Did that sound vague? I

Like it. Well, no, I think that that’s good. That’s good. So how has that helped you in what you do right now? You know, be able to do that. How does, how has that helped you

And my business interestingly? Well, for sure, I, I manage our performance team, which is, uh, and, and in addition to that, our logistics team for the sweet spot. So, uh, managing performers that’s a lot. And so you have to kind of know how to bypass topical things of a person’s personality. Maybe they’re being challenging because they’re having a bad day or something of that sore. I know how to cut through that and see, you know, what, uh, let’s talk about what’s going on with you. Let’s take a step away from this work that we need to do right now. And let’s, let’s get into what’s going on with you. And I’m able to put a certain level of, of comfort, um, into the conversation and the space where after a conversation we’re ready to move forward. So I can give you a live example when a show in new Orleans, at the house of blues in new Orleans and the, so this was during the show, it’s towards the beginning of the show.

Uh, our burlesque dancer Rouge had just finished performing. She came off stage, she goes upstairs and she’s looking hit. I don’t know what’s wrong, she’s looking upset. And I’m really sure what’s wrong. I can’t talk right now. And she’s just upset. Now product part of the issue is that we have a show that’s still going. She has another performance to do in that show. And also there are other performers around who are all being affected by that energy. She was very, I sat down with Rouge and I said, Roosh take a moment. Tell me what’s going on. And she says, she, she starts to get teary and shaking and emotional. And she says, it’s just my anxiety and everything in terms of just emotional anxiety. Um, and things were just all hitting at the same time. Um, something that she had been dealing with over the last couple of weeks.

And I said, her Rouge, I understand what I want. Should I do right now? When you go back out there, don’t worry about how your performance is going to look. Don’t worry about anything. This is why we practice. This is why we practice practice practice, because all you have to do is go out there and do what you always do. Don’t worry about whether or not it looks good. Don’t, don’t worry about any of those things because you are a star you’re, you’re what you do is, is phenomenal. And everybody sees it, but you don’t even have to think about that while you’re out there. Just that. And by taking her aside and having that conversation, all of the energy was released. And I know that if I hadn’t done that she could have infected the whole show because now you’re putting other people sort of, you know, their nerves are now increasing because the space is tense. You know, a lot of things can flow from there. But I was, I was able to have that conversation with her at that for somebody else, for my partner, for example, that might’ve been a scary conversation to try to have, like, I don’t know what’s wrong. Well, she’s, she’s mad. Don’t talk to, you know, so that’s a very literal example, but it’s something that just comes naturally to me on a day to day, moment to moment basis.

Right. Wow. That’s pretty awesome. And you’re right. Energy is so important, especially when you’re doing the type of shows that you do. It’s, it’s important that everybody’s energy stays up and everybody’s energy stays positive and focused on what’s happening. And so just one person being off, I can see how that could throw everyone off. Although the audience might not notice it, you would feel it and you would, you would notice it and it would, it would affect you guys. So, so that’s, that’s fantastic. Wow. Well then that, you know, that kind of brings me to another question I would like for you to tell me something that has happened to you during the show or during your travels that people would normally not believe. Like they would think that that is too fantastical to have actually happened. And the reason, you know, the reason I asked that is because when black people or people of color say, this thing happened to me, people who just can’t relate, they go, no,

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