Get in the ready position

While driving down the highway I slowed slightly to see if the car sitting in the on-ramp actually wanted to get on the highway. . . they’re not ready. . . I drove past.

As I got to the top of the hill, I slowed my car because the upcoming intersection is a tough one to turn left from. . . I flashed my lights, they sat there, I flashed again, they sat there. . . They’re not ready. . .I drove down the hill will the endless row of cars following behind.

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My high school volleyball coach used to say one thing to us over and over, “Get in the ready position!”

As we stood behind the net, waiting for the serve, we’d lean forward and put our hands on our knees, waiting. Anyone looking on would think, we’re ready. But we were allowing fear and doubt to keep us un-ready.

“Get in the ready position!” he’d yell from the sidelines and we knew that meant, stop relaxing with your hand on your knees.

Mind Our Busyness

When leaning forward with hands on your knees, you’re in position to fall forward, not to attack the ball when it comes. It’s inertia. It’s simple.

The ready position is legs apart, leaned forward and arms at the ready by your side.
Anytime we took the right stance, we’d accomplished more because we were ready.

It’s the same in life. Placing ourselves in the ready position gives us more leverage than relaxing, looking like we’re ready, but having our hands on our knees.

Ready doesn’t mean perfect, it means open. That ball is coming any minute now, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to fall forward and miss, or are you going to put your hands where they need to be so when it comes you can hit it?

Many of us are sitting in the on-ramp of life waiting for an opening that will give us a lot of time to get revved up and moving. That can take a long time.

Others, put their car in the ready position and watch for the slightest opening to go for it!

Some of us wait for both sides of the road to be completely clear before we creep in to make that left turn. Others are pulled up as far as possible and watching faces and headlights to see when their opening comes.

Work, prepare, then get in the ready position. Your opportunity may show up as fast as that served ball. You need to be hands down and ready when it comes.