Are you indulging in premeditated stress?

Sedruola Maruska | Personal Development Coach

You’re driving. A car on the right looks like it’s about to cut you off. . . .

You’re in line at an amusement park. A woman and her child look like they’re about to jump the line to join the rest of their family. . . .

You heard your friend say something rude about you. . . .

I’ll bet you started thinking about what you’d say or do in each of these situations didn’t you?

If you were wondering what “premeditated stress” is, that’s it. Anticipating a situation and deciding in your mind how and why you’ll respond in a certain way. Most of the time, it’s a negative response that creates stress in your body without the actual event happening.

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If you’re honest with yourself and us, you’ll say yes, you’ve indulged in premeditated stress. We all have because it’s a way of protecting ourselves from being taken advantage of, being hurt, abused, or manipulated.

Stress is a killer

But why create unnecessary stress? Stress is worst for your body than eating badly. Why? Because the hormone, Cortisol, it creates in your body was only meant to be in response to “fight or flight”. Once a threat was over, the levels would go back to a normal low ‘healthy’ level.

Stress is like being in a sustained ‘fight or flight’ situation that keeps the cortisol levels high. High cortisol levels are associated with lower immune function and bone density, increased weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, depression and lower life expectancy.

That means, the conversation you have in your mind about being cut off is actually killing you slowly. Because every time you indulge in that premeditated stress conversation, you’re elevating your cortisol level and keeping your body in a state of readiness to ‘fight or flight’.

Premeditated Stress relief

There are hundreds of reasons to be and stay stressed in our society today. Between family, work, bills, aging, world events, and so much more, it’s no wonder there are increasing cases of mental illness, cancer, depression, heart disease and so on.

So, in an effort to help relieve some of the stress, here are a few ideas to help curb premeditated stress syndrome so we can let go and start enjoying our days more.

Breathe deeply – Whenever you feel something begin to creep up on you and take your joy. Stop, breathe ten deep breaths then move on. I know it sounds ancient, but it really does work to just breathe deeply. It allows your body to know that you’re not in a state of stress and relax. Helping you think clearer.

Exercise – Yeah, I’m like you, this is not my favorite thing either. But, moving your body helps you expend the energy needed to relieve stress. Don’t think of it as trying to lose weight or as a mandatory thing. Think of it as a release from the stress of life. Exercise as often as you need without regard for the benefits beyond just relieving stress. You may find you like it. . .

Beach Body Madness. . . Do you have it?

Change perspective – When you’re looking at a situation, instead of only seeing your perspective, try to see things from the other side. Doing that will slow down your reaction, help you think of other possibilities for a given situation and calm your stress. This isn’t going to work for every situation (if not try the first to suggestions) but, you’d be surprised how quickly you can calm yourself if you shift your perspective.


Those are suggestions to help you in the immediate, but there are a ton of other things you can do to prevent premeditated stress getting the best of you.

You may be the best at your diet and exercise routine, but if you’re always in a state of stress, you’re doing more damage to your whole system than you realize. So, don’t indulge, release. Your body will thank you.

Benefits and Roundup for Self Massage

Sedruola Maruskaj Blog

Do you self massage? When you roll your head or rub your shoulders that’s exactly what you’re doing.

I used to dream about being able to go get a massage once a month. It seemed so impossible to me because it was such an expense. Then cancer.

Since being out of active cancer treatments I’ve gone to get a massage every six weeks. Not only because it feels amazing, or that it’s been my dream, but because of the benefits.

Did you know that any massage is a great way to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Boost immunity
  • Drain the lymph system
  • Increase blood flow to your skin
  • Slow the aging process
  • Relive muscle tension
  • Improve sleep

And so much more?

Well, it is! And not only that, it’s a great way to slow down (which you know I’m a huge advocate of doing) and do something good for yourself.

Mother Daughter DIY Frankincense Sugar Scrub

I’ve put together this list of articles to help you get on the road to a healthier self. Each article talks about different ways to self massage and the benefits.

Why not start a new habit in the coming weeks that’ll help keep you relaxed and healthy!

Self Massage Articles to Get Started

The weekend is a great time to practice what you’ve learned so you can start the week off strong. But anytime is a good time to start a great habit.

Here’s to more relaxation, less stress and better sleep!

Uplift Your Body and Mind Invest in Health

Sedruola Maruska | Leisure Life Coach

Focusing on wellness doesn’t mean cutting out huge swaths of free time to care for ourselves. There are ways to focus on your health without sacrificing downtime. Let’s chat about a few.

Play a Sport

Getting a hearty dose of exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym every day. Instead pick up a sport either alone or with a group, swimming, field hockey or baseball are a few great options. The benefits of a sport extend to your emotional health, too. Not only can they be a way to socialize and develop new relationships, but playing a sport can boost confidence and relieve stress, even if it’s by yourself or with family.

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Check Your Dental Health

Our mouth health affects nearly every other area of our wellness. It can fuel depression, lead to illness, and even cause heart complications later in life. With so much riding on your teeth, regular dentist visits are highly recommended. It’s important to look for a practitioner who’ll do in-depth work. So, check reviews online and call to ask about the dentist’s philosophy when it comes to treating whole-body wellness.

Meditate Every Day

An excellent way to lower stress levels is to meditate. Meditation, which comes in many forms, can nurture positivity, focus, and compassion. There are different ways to develop a practice, including yoga as a physical, more hands-on discipline for those who have a hard time sitting still. No matter what you think of meditation, there are amazing benefits that make experimentation worthwhile. Not every form will work for you, and that’s okay, find one that works for your lifestyle.

Creating a Space for Meditation: Considerations For All Senses

Sedruola Maruska | Leisure Life Coach

Eat Better

Eating healthy can seem hard when we work long days, but it’s not impossible. By adding a few helpful gadgets to your kitchen you can put together healthy dinners quickly and easily. For example, salad choppers make eating raw vegetables more fun, a steamer can cook your food with no added fats and only a few dishes to wash. Prepping ahead on weekends means you can have food ready to cook on weeknights, with only the small job of throwing in a few ingredients for dinner.

Socialize More

Humans are social animals and require contact with those we love to maintain good health. It doesn’t matter who we are or how much we value our alone time. It isn’t something you need to do every day, and you should never lose sleep for other activities, but finding space in our schedules to see loved ones is important for wellness. After all, socializing de-stresses us, brings us joy, and reminds us of the power of laughter. Even if it’s just a cup of coffee or running errands together, find a way to be with your loved ones each week.

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We all need to focus on our well-being. While a healthy body looks different on everyone, each of us knows how we feel when we invest in caring for ourselves. There’s no reason not to look after yourself and focus on your health first.

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