Happy new year! Let’s do this!

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Sedruolamaruska.com is born | Sedruola Maruska

“I’ve been a loyal follower for a long time, but if you’re going to choose to believe the mainstream media lies I’m unfollowing you.”

That was the catalyst for my change, my truth.

It was Nov. 9th and I’d posted simply that I was sad & I wasn’t going to pretend otherwise. She doesn’t know, but her response woke something in me that can no longer stay dormant.

For a long time I’ve been hiding behind crochet as a crutch. Sure I love the art, but I’ve quieted my “real voice” many times to stay in the safety lane of yarn. You don’t have to talk about real life if you can distract with a free pattern.

What I realized on that day was: 1) I didn’t want to hide… I wasn’t sure why I was hiding in the first place; 2) My truth was mine and worthy of light no matter how you may receive, perceive, interpret or misinterpret it.

So this year, 2017, is my year to explore all that I am and what that means for those around me. . . I’m inviting you on my journey because it is my sincere wish to make you mad, make you cry, make you laugh, but mostly I hope to make us friends. I want to teach, love and support all women #forourdaughters

It’s just underway so please join my list to be informed of the progress…everything starts somewhere, I’m starting here. I’d also love to see you on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!