Meet Sedie

Hi, I’m Sedie, I’m a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, wife and mom. I’m also a breast cancer survivor and life coach who wants to help you find your way out of the darkness. One step, one story, one day at a time.

No matter how simple we think our lives are, there’s always something to share and a lesson to be learned. My big cancer lesson taught me that my calling to be a catalyst of hope, courage and change for others. The best way is by sharing my life lessons.

After 50 years, there are many lessons to share.

I’m finding the courage to emerge from the shadows to say, okay, this is me, for better or worst I’m standing here, in my truth, in my story and allowing it to speak to you. Maybe, the truth of my life will help you along your way.

Because true strength lives in our stories.

I’m ready to put it all out there so together we can learn, love and support who we are without judgement.