5 Fashion Mistakes You Can Avoid Making

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Fashion mistakes are common, we all make them. Thing is, they’re not mistakes because we’re not “age appropriate” or “wearing the latest fad.” The reason they’re mistakes is because they are particular to each of us.

I’m huge on wearing what makes you feel and look good. You don’t have to justify your unique style to anyone. However, there are still some fashion mistakes we make when we think it’s just our “style”

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5 Fashion Mistakes You Can Avoid Making | Sedruola Maruska

Dress Your Body Shape

The biggest fashion mistakes I see are when we don’t dress our body shape. When we dress for someone else’s body and not the one we live in. Not only is it obvious, it can give the wrong message.

There are several different body shapes that we as women can have. According to Shop Your Shape there are 8 major types (click to view). We put so much emphasis on weight that we fail to see that dressing our shape is what’s most important.

Knowing accepting and embracing your body shape is the first step in not making the fashion mistakes so many women commonly make.

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Your Clothes are Too Small

This fashion mistake always baffles me. Why wear clothes that are too small? Although I can come up with a few reasons, they all seem like excuses. Wearing something that doesn’t fit appropriately can keep you in a state of constant “dieting” which isn’t good for the soul or psyche. If it’s too small don’t wear it or buy it.

Thing is, wearing clothes that are too small may cause unnecessary discomfort. Not to mention, they can also be damaging to your circulation (depending on how small they are) and cause skin chaffing. Whatever your reason to wearing clothes that are too small, reconsider. Instead, try putting something on that’s just right to see how much better it feels.

Your Clothes are Too Big

When my husband and I got married, he had tons of shirts and sweaters in his closet that were sized “large”. My husband is 6’3 so it was understandable that most of his years he, and others, assumed he was a large. Then we went shopping and I asked him to try on a medium. I’ve never bought my husband a large from that day forward.

Wearing clothes that are too big makes it difficult to feel good. Yes, you may think you’re comfortable, but chances are that’s the story you’ve told yourself. Even our most comfy clothes (you know your lounging pants) make us feel better if they’re the right size.

I’m a woman. I know all about the various changes our bodies go through each month. I know there are times when we just feel “fat” and our clothes reinforce that feeling. What I’ve found is that if I wear clothes that fit and aren’t too big around those times, I feel better. You just may find you do too.

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Too Much Is Going On

I’ve heard the phrase “less is more” so often it seems cliche. Thing is, nowhere is that phrase more relevant that when it comes to fashion mistakes. I’m not talking about wearing less clothes (although some situations may call for that) I’m talking about over-accessorizing.

Accessories are the finishing touch on an outfit well put together, but what if it’s too much. You’ve added the statement necklace, but then put on the statement earrings (so those two things begin to fight for attention). After that, on go the twelve rings and bracelets. I think you see where I’m going.

The finishing touch, should be the thing on your outfit that gives an extra pop, not overpower your outfit. Paring down on accessories means letting your natural beauty, fashion taste and confidence show. Yes, less, in this case, is truly more.

Outdated / Old Clothes

Last but not least, work on rotating clothes out of circulation on a regular basis. I’m all for comfy, familiar clothes, but they’re usually the ones that stay home all the time.

Creating a wardrobe that works means having timeless pieces mixed in with trendy pieces for going out. Keeping older pieces at home means looking fresh as much as possible. My system for rotating my clothes is to take something out every time I buy something. That way I have no clutter, breathing room and my clothes stay fairly up-to-date. That’s not to say I don’t have 10 – 15 year old pieces, but those were either bought to last, or never go outside.

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Fashion mistakes are universal. We all make them. The trick is to learn and grow beyond them. Wearing clothing that fits may be all that’s needed to make a complete difference.

Your Turn

I’ve laid out these five fashion mistakes here for you, did they trigger some thoughts of your own? Are there fashion mistakes you see often that you think can easily be altered? Share your thoughts in the comments. We’d love to get extra tips!

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