30 Fun ideas for your downtime

One of the goals I have for 2020 is to do 20 things I’ve never done before, or that I haven’t done in a long time. That means pushing myself to be creative with downtime.

Do you know the main question I get asked when I tell people they need more downtime?

“What am I going to do?”

As strange as it seems, most of us (me included) are at a loss when it comes to ideas for playing!

We know that playing helps stimulate our creative brains so when we return to work, we’re clearer, more productive and more creative in our solutions. But we either don’t take enough downtime or, when we do, we’re lost.

Yesterday I took an afternoon nap

Taking time off for play is great self-care. Taking a coffee break or a reading break is great, but sometimes our systems needs more. That’s where play comes in!

Here’s a list of fun activities to consider for so you can fully enjoy your downtime making everything else seem easier to manage.

Downtime Activities

Bowling – Go alone, with one friend of make it an impromptu party! No matter how you do it, bowling is always fun.

Glass Blowing – Learn or watch. Glass blowing is an amazing art form that more of us need to experience in some way.

Skydiving – I did this last year! I thought my fear of heights was going to give me a heart attack as soon as I got on the plane. But it didn’t even kick in! It was an incredible experience that I want everyone to try just once.

Adult Indoor playground – Yes, they actually do exist! You may need to search a bit, but finding one and indulging in plain old running around. . . priceless!

Escape Room – If you’re still not familiar with an escape room, please find one and enjoy! If you’re into mysteries or puzzles, this is an ultimate escape for you.

Golfing – Take a day to golf or to learn how to golf. Either way you can’t beat being outside, walking and communing. Go with friends to make it more fun!

Sushi Making Class – Love Sushi? Me too! Thing is, sometimes going out for sushi isn’t an option, so why not take a class and learn to make your own?

30 Fun ideas for your downtime | Sedruola Maruska

Wine Making Class – Yes, you can learn to make your own wine! A quick Google search can help with this.

Roller / Ice Skating – Remember when you were a kid and you used to skate all the time? Well, dust off your skills and go again!

Skiing / Snowboarding – I rediscovered skiing after not being on a slope in 17 years! My fear of heights did kick in, but I kicked it in the face as I challenged myself to do the 2nd level slopes. . . what about you?

Museum Visiting – Art, science, history, whatever type of museum fits your desires, get out and enjoy. It’s not an active option (unless, of course, you count all the walking) but it’s one that will certainly stimulate your creativity and take you away from the norm.

How well do you know yourself?

Aquarium Visiting – Same as visiting a museum but the exhibits are alive.

Amusement Park – They’re not just for kids. They’re for anyone ready and willing to have an adventure!

Make Your Own Beer – If you’re a beer drinker then making your own beer will certainly get your spirit flowing!

Whale Watching – It’s not an active option, but it’s one that will shift your perspective by shifting your surroundings.

Fishing – There are various types of fishing, pick on and go for it! Relax your mind, body and soul.

Paintball – My son and husband went to do this and they loved it! Dress accordingly and enjoy a fun time of getting to your goal.

Stock / Luxury Car Racing/Driving– I need to do this! If you love to drive and you’d like to experience speed or luxury, this is definitely for you.

Go Karting – Indoor or outdoor, this is the younger sibling to stock car racing. Want to rev up your downtime, get in a go kart!

Horseback Riding – Riding in the great outdoors, priceless. Don’t wait to go on vacation to do this. It’s a weekend day trip that will shift your perspective.

Crochet / Knitting Class – I crochet and I have taught crochet. I’m also a knitter. I know how relaxing these activities are for anyone. Trust me, it can be addictive!

Paint & Wine – Going out and having wine while paining is on my list. . . with friends!

Craft a Brew Home Pinot Grigio Making Kit – Easy Beginners with Ingredients and Supplies – Ultimate Wine Brewing

Ceramics – Throw, paint and enjoy. This is an activity that can be for the whole family.

Salsa / Ballroom / Hip Hop Dance Classes – Taking a dance class, or learning via YouTube (like my daughter & I are doing) is fun, great exercise and great for when you want to go dancing!

Whitewater Rafting – This summer, this is on our list! I’m thinking it’s an adventure we’ve got to try!

Rock Wall Climbing – Before you go into the great outdoors to do some climbing, get on an indoor rock wall and try your chops.

Theater – There’s nothing like seeing a great play to take you out of your personal reality and push you to a new world.

Photography Class / Workshop – Taking a photography class will help you take better photos all around. Learning small tips and tricks will certainly encourage you to practice what you’ve learned whenever the opportunity comes along.

Adult Sports League (soccer, baseball, football, martial arts, etc) – Join a sports league in your community!

Archery – It’s not as easy as it looks. Take a class and find out how you can get really good at it!

Gun Range – Learning to use a gun is empowering and fun. Using a gun is not as easy as it looks in the movies so go learn.

Stained Glass Making – An artsy activity that gives beautiful, unique results.

The list could go on, but instead I’m going to challenge you to pick 5 things from this list and put them on your calendar to do this year. You’ll be surprised at how much clearer you’ll feel, how productive you’ll be, and how creative you’ll feel. You’ll even start discovering more things you can do!

Take time off, it’s the best way to reach your goals faster.

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