Welcome to Sedruola! It’s powered by an over 50 year journey full of observations! 50? Really?

Ever feel like your life is going along and taking you for a ride? Do you feel like what you want, feel or do has very little meaning? I have on and off for many years. The reality is, you have the power to direct your own path. What you want, feel or do is valid and you’re not alone in fighting to get it! Truth is, we’re just afraid to share who we really are for fear of what others might think.

But, at the end of the day, when you look back, are you going to be thankful that you didn’t “offend” others or that you lived your life fully, intentionally and with no regrets? Let’s shake off the fear, find our people and blossom in knowing, we are incredibly unique, but our challenges are not at all uniquely our own. . .

From Fashion to babies, nothing is off limits. I’m opening up and sharing with the intention of helping you confront yourself. I’m gonna talk about life and what it means to be intentionally present in everything you do, and help you set the most amazing goals so you feel inspired and productive every day!

Lets’ take a intentional journey to where we really want to be.

About Sedruola & Purpose

Purpose In Everyday Life

Let’s release the unnecessary, discover the important and intentionally achieve goals toward your core purpose!

“Sedie, you’ve got to figure out your story.” I heard that in my head over and over as I moved toward my purpose.

So, I sat down to write my story: It started in high school. I refused to be senior class president. . . no, that not it; When I went to Korea to teach conversational English. . . no, that not it either; What about the time I was chosen for a national beer commercial but didn’t go because. . . no! Cancer? no; high risk pregnancy? No. Wait. . . was it the baby?

It took cancer to realize that twenty years earlier, when I lost my first baby, is when my internal light went out and I began living in default. Being a cancer survivor pushed me to look back, acknowledge and forgive myself. Having cancer put me on the path to my most empowered self.

What I want to help you do, is find your most empowered self, without the cancer component

Hi, my name is Sedie and I’m a breast cancer survivor and personal development coach who believes that when you claim your full self you empower others to do the same. 

When you shake off the need to “busy” yourself, without intention, and instead focus on what’s important, you’re capable of more than you ever thought possible. That’s why I want to help you find your core purpose, get you on the path to your desired lifestyle, one step, one story, one day at a time.

No matter how simple you think your life is, there are lessons to learn and share. For me, the biggest lesson cancer taught me was slow down and follow my calling to be a catalyst of hope, courage and change for others. I do that by sharing my story and helping you to find yours.

My purpose is to help you find the courage to emerge from the shadows and say “okay, this is me, for better or worst I’m standing here, in my truth, in my purpose, in my story and allowing it to speak to you.”

How I can help you?

Giving yourself space to tap into your core self is key. When we remove the overwhelm of the day and we begin to play and discover more, then we’re ready to become fully empowered in our lives. I help you tap into your core and unleash your power!


The “Swamped to Serene” packages help you start on a journey to a more intentional life. Whether you’re building a business or you’re building yourself, each package is immersion in de-cluttering and redefining your personal purpose.

Personal one-on-one coaching is available CLICK HERE


As a speaker my main goal is always to connect to audience needs. That means beyond the topics you’ll find on my Speaker Page I’m open to customizing and improvising presentations as situations require.


Reading Nook | Books

Books to set your life on fire.
Books to move your soul.
Books to release your tears.
Books to expand your mind.
Books to take you on a journey. . . Books to give you wings.

I love books. I look they way they feel in my hands, the way they smell and the information they deliver.

If you’re a lover of books here’s a library I’d love for you to check out. Have suggestions? Please share in the comments. Let’s learn together.