You’re Not Powerless!

Ever feel like what you feel or do has very little meaning? You're not sure how relevant your voice is when it comes to injustices you see in the world around you, so you feel powerless.

The reality is you're not powerless! What you say or do can have vast impact, which makes your voice valid. Plus, you're not alone in fighting to be heard! Gaining knowledge about yourself and how you experience the world differently than others, helps you gain confidence in your own voice and ability to create a better world.

We're often afraid to share who we really are, what we really think and to stand for anything, especially when it comes to social justice, inclusion and equity, that seems counter to what others might think.

But, at the end of the day, are you going to be thankful you didn't "offend" someone or that you lived fully, intentionally and true to yourself and what you believe?

Let's shake off fear, find our people and blossom. When we know how incredibly unique and necessary our voices are we can face any challenge. There's always someone to help you fight because your challenges are not at all uniquely your own. . .

I'm a Black womxn opening up and sharing with the intention of helping you confront yourself.  We're talking about justice, racism, diversity, equity, inclusion and what it means to be intentionally present in everything you do.

We're confronting, examining and dismantling ourselves so our lives and businesses can be more equitable and inclusive to those who don't look like us, have the same experiences as us, and who are just as badass as us!

Let's raise our voices and vibration to a level of frenzy so we're inspired and empowered every day!

We're not just talking about it, reading about it or thinking about, we're gonna BE ABOUT IT!

Creating the changes we want to see in the world.

About Sedruola & Purpose

Release the unnecessary, discover the important and intentionally achieve your core purpose!

One day I sat down to write my story: It started in high school. I refused to be senior class president. . . no, that’s not it; When I went to Korea to teach conversational English. . . no, that’s not it either; What about the time I was chosen for a national beer commercial but didn’t go . . . no! Cancer? no; high risk pregnancy? No. Wait. . . was it the baby?

It took cancer to realize that twenty years earlier, when I lost my first baby, I began living in default. Being a cancer survivor is the catalyst that pushed me to look back, acknowledge and forgive myself. Having cancer put me on the path to my most empowered self.

It’s time to empower others, without the cancer component

Hi, my name is Sedruola, but if you’re my friend you can call me Sedie! I’m a breast cancer survivor, speaker and social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity coach & consultant who believes your purpose is rooted in claiming your full self and empowering others to do the same. 

The two biggest lessons cancer taught me were: 

  1. slow down, discover what matters and
  2. relentlessly pursue my calling to be a catalyst of hope, courage and change.

I do that by sharing my story, advocating for social justice, inclusion, equity and diversity, and helping others discover their power as true antiracists and social justice warriors.

The goal is to help others find the courage to emerge from the shadows and say “okay, this is me, this is what I believe, I’m standing here, in my truth, in my purpose, in my power and speaking to you.”

How I help

I’m a speaker, coach, consultant and facilitator bringing passion and purpose to every encounter! It’s important to create environments of civil discourse while sharing ideas on uncomfortable subjects that can become volatile. That’s what I do.


Coaching is like dancing. There’s a leader, that’s you, and a follower, that’s me. The roles may sometimes be reversed for synchronicity, but I’m always working to make sure you’re getting what you need.

In our coaching we’ll start by developing a trusting relationship. We’ll create spaces, during our sessions, that are open, safe and transformative. We’ll discover your values and beliefs while working on your personal growth and development.

Then, we’ll create a plan for how you’ll move forward in life and business with the intent of being an active antiracist who projects equity and inclusion in all you do.

Because this is deep personal work, it’s imperative that we share trust, understanding and openness.

Set up your personal Discovery Call to see if we’d be a good fit.


As a speaker my goal is to connect with your audience needs while staying true to the values I hold dear. Which is why beyond the topics you’ll find on my Speaker Page I’m open to customizing and improvising presentations as situations require.


As a consultant, I work with Entrepreneurs, Small & Medium sized businesses. We work on creating environments that are equitable, diverse and inclusive. We start by examining the present culture. We then conduct individual interviews with team members. Finally we customize a workshop / training specifically designed for your company.

Find out more about Sedruola Maruska as a Consultant to start the process of working together.


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I love books. I love they way they feel in my hands, the way they smell and the information they deliver.

If you’re a lover of books here’s a library I’d love for you to check out. Have suggestions? Please share in the comments. Let’s learn together.